About Us

Re-View is a full-service historic window company that specializes in everything associated with the window opening including historic wood window manufacturing, wood window restoration, steel window restoration, lead paint abatement, window installation, window finishing, hardware restoration, and insulated glass conversion.
A man drills into a clamped window frame component.


Re-View came together back in 1993 when a group of associates in the window industry recognized there was a void in the historic window industry. The only players in the business were small, regional millwork shops with a dozen employees and less than 10,000 square feet of space. The large corporate window manufacturers had no interest in entering this specialty market niche because it contradicted their efforts for standardization. There seemed to be an immense opportunity for a company to engage in this industry in a professional manner with the right people, systems, equipment, and facilities.

Over the past 25 years, the owners of Re-View have worked with some of the largest window manufacturers in the United States in the aluminum, wood, and vinyl window sectors. This extensive background combined with our historic window restoration and manufacturing work, gives Re-View a unique perspective in the window business.

Over the past ten years, Re-View has grown from a small job shop to one of the largest manufacturers and restorers of historic wood and steel windows in the United States.

Re-View's mission since the beginning has been to accomplish the following goals:

construction workers stand in front of their job site.


When Re-View started out in 1993, we had conventional woodworking equipment and a lot of sharp craftsmen fabricating our windows. We recognized pretty quickly that in order to improve quality, increase capacity, and reduce cost, the company needed to invest in modern equipment. Since 2005, the company has made investments in the latest technology, resulting in outstanding advancements for the company.

Today, Re-View is one of the largest historic window companies in the United States. We have accomplished this through our efforts to increase efficiencies in everything we do. It is a never ending challenge that makes this business interesting.

Interior view of the Re-View headquarters.


Miles Franz stands in the Re-View wood shop.

Miles Franz

Miles acquired Re-View Windows in late 2021 after becoming enthusiastic and energized about the historical window industry and the business/manufacturing model developed by Todd and Brooks. A graduate of the University of Kansas, Miles been involved in growing multiple businesses in the Midwest, most recently in the construction arena around fire/smoke rated doors.

Miles has a BS in Business with a minor in Information Technology from University of Kansas.

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Joel McBee stands in the Re-View wood shop.

Joel McBee

Manufacturing Director
Joel has over 20 years in woodworking/millwork experience, having come to Re-View after serving as the operations manager for the Pella® window distributorship in Kansas City.  Joel has vast knowledge of manufacturing and is an expert in historic window design, restoration, hardware, glass/glazing, wood species, and other related disciplines.

Joel has a BS in Engineering from Missouri Western State University.

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Branson Freeman stands in the Re-View wood shop.

Branson Freeman

Project Manager
Branson has over 15 years in the residential landscape design/build industry and over 5 years of Project Management experience. Branson has overseen large-scale projects and highly proficient in job planning, problem solving, and client communication.

Branson has a A.S. in Applied Sciences from Johnson County Community College.

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Todd Maxwell stands in the Re-View wood shop.

Todd Maxwell

Founder/Former Owner – “Window Master”
Todd began his window career with Pella® in 1986 before founding the company that eventually evolved into what is now Re-View Windows in 1990. Todd then led the transition into the historical window industry segment in 1993 by first becoming a student of and then an expert in historical manufacturing and restoration.

Todd has a BS in Construction Engineering from Missouri Western University

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Brooks Gentleman stands in the Re-View wood shop.

Brooks Gentleman

Former Owner – “Relationship Master”
Brooks joined Todd at Re-View in 1990 after having owned the Pella® window distributorship in Kansas City for ten years. Before entering the windows industry, Brooks worked as a marketing consultant at Dun & Bradstreet®. Brooks is a passionate historical window advocate who has spoken at several state and national preservation conferences.

Brooks has a Masters in Business from Southern Methodist University and a BA in economics from Colorado College.

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