One of the things that makes Re-View unique in this business is our ability to provide field restoration and installation. Re-View has separate plant and field teams allowing us to address both large and small scale projects without impacting our output and project delivery. Re-View has also built a network of qualified partners across the US to assist in projects when required. Re-View is one of few companies in the country that can manufacture, install, plant restore, field restore, and perform all other field related work on large scale commercial projects.
Workers guide a large stained glass window into place during installation.

Field Installation

Window and door installations and restorations are the only type of skilled work provided by Re-View carpenters, resulting in unparalleled expertise. No window or opening is set too high, large or complex for our skilled team. 5 floors up, 3 sashes in a 7 x 15 foot frame, no problem, we have done it. Re-View invests a great deal into training of our field carpenters with continuing education focused on safety and quality of work.

A large window being installed in the field on a brick building.

Historical Window Consulting

Historical Preservation often entails engagement with an architect, historical preservation specialist, and/or the end client to assist in designing a solution to breath life back into a historic building. The team at Re-View has unequaled historical window experience that includes an understanding of design in specific eras, construction/manufacturing techniques, original functionality, and installation. Re-View can consult with you as an industry expert to uncover the true origin of your historical windows and develop a plan to restore them to their original beauty.

Circular stained glass windows during production.

Site Surveys

Although they serve as a great reference, historical architectural drawings often misrepresent what is observed in the field. The team at Re-View can engage in a physical site survey to validate and measure each and every component of the historically installed window openings. This is the first step in beginning to lay out a budget and plan in restoring these openings back to their original state, and is delivered in a formal report and detail that architects and designers can leverage for new design drawings.

An empty window frame in City Center Temple.

Window Design Services

What do you do when there a limited historical records documenting the window openings and you don’t have any recovered original window components? Re-View has hundreds of historical profiles in our data files, accumulated over 20 years from fabricating window systems on different projects. Leveraging our designs from previously manufactured projects, we can consult with architects and end customers on picking accurate profiles for new historical window systems.

Historic windows in the factory before installation.

Planning a window restoration or replacement window project for a historic building?

Re-View is the historic window partner that can help!  We work directly with Architects, Construction Managers, General Contractors, Preservation Specialists, and Building Owners. Our experts can address Division 8 from bid to submittals to project closeout, by manufacturing, restoring, and installing historic windows.

Please drop us a line and a member of the Re-View team will contact you shortly.