Arkansas State Capitol

Designed by architects George Mann and Cass Gilbert, the Arkansas State Capitol was constructed between 1899 and 1915 on the site of the old state penitentiary using prison labor.

The windows addressed in the first phase of this Capitol project were large casement windows, that in many respects were closer to doors. Re-View teamed with Wagner General contractors on the project and was tasked with restoring the sashes back to their original glory.

Wagner removed the sashes from their openings taking special care to record each individual window with its hardware, this detailed record would travel with each sash until it had returned to its original opening. Re-View removed the glass and finishes taking special care to save as much of the glass as possible. We restored every element of the sash using a combination of restoration epoxies, wood dutchmen, and component replacement. Re-View also restored and replaced each piece of hardware for each sash.

After the restoration of the sash, we applied a factory finish with two finish coats of a custom “glenwood” color. Re-View packaged and shipped the sashes back to the site to be installed in their respective openings.

Should my building’s windows be replaced or restored?

If your building’s historic windows are in need of an update, Re-View can help. We will assess your specific location, develop a plan to replace or restore your windows, and carry out all manufacturing or refurbishment including installation. We can guide the entire process from contact to completion!

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