DERMAdoctor Headquarters

When DERMAdoctor was looking for a new headquarters building for its unique line of skincare products, the owners decided to renovate a dilapidated structure in the Crossroads District of Kansas City, Missouri. Although the structure they selected had a great deal of character, the exterior façade was in pitiful condition. The wood double hung windows were literally falling apart.

That was when Re-View was selected to restore the windows. Given the fact that most of the windows had components beyond repair, the window refurbishment was a combination of restoration and replication.

Re-View restored the wood frames by replacing sections that had deteriorated beyond repair. Sections of sills, jambs, and trim had to be replaced with replica components to bring the frames back to structural compliance. The structural integrity of the windows was critically important due to the fact that the windows occupied most of each elevation’s square footage.

We manufactured replica mahogany sash to match the existing since there wasn’t much left. The replicas were true-divided-lite sash with Low E insulated glass. Re-View has a unique glazing detail that allows for replacing glass by removing an interior stop. This design makes it less expensive to maintain the windows over the long term.

The insulated glazing included in the historic wood replicas was very important for the design of the building. As you can see from the pictures, the entire second level is nothing but a band of wood window composites. It is virtually all glass.

Re-View’s work created an architectural statement that will serve DERMAdoctor well for many years.

Should my building’s windows be replaced or restored?

If your building’s historic windows are in need of an update, Re-View can help. We will assess your specific location, develop a plan to replace or restore your windows, and carry out all manufacturing or refurbishment including installation. We can guide the entire process from contact to completion!

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