Dunster Hall

As part of the renovation of Dunster Hall, the windows needed to be upgraded to current energy efficiency standards. This LEED rated construction project required that the windows have performance criteria that could only be achieved by using modern insulated glazing. Re-View was called on to manufacture the monumental windows on this historic window replication project.

Many of these units were very large arched-top double hung units where the upper sash is an arched unit and the lower sash is square. A single window unit was 6 feet wide by 14 feet tall and was weight and pulley balanced. The upper sash had 30 individual lites of insulated glass that were glazed with a removable stop. Every single unit was tested for air and water infiltration to assure a tight fit and a solid seal on all lites of glass.

Re-View applied an oil-based paint finish to the exterior from Europe as the architectural team specified. The interior stain was matched to the trim in each of the rooms.

This project served as a good example of Re-View’s capabilities to manufacture large operable historic sash replicas with insulated glazing.

History of Dunster Hall History

Dunster Hall on the Harvard campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts was constructed in 1930. It is named after the first president of the school and was originally established for poorer students because of the six floors without elevators. In 2014, the school engaged in a complete renovation of the facility to bring it up to modern standards.

Should my building’s windows be replaced or restored?

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