Fort Snelling

Historic Fort Snelling is Minnesota’s first National Historic Landmark and it is located on Dakota homeland. Re-View restored the historic wood windows at the 1904 calvary barracks at Fort Snelling.

Re-View’s carpenters removed the existing wood window sash and transported them back to our restoration plant to undergo a complete museum-level restoration. Re-View deconstructs each sash so every component can be restored, reassembled and factory finished. The original glass was saved and glazed using glazing putty just like what existed when the building was originally constructed.

Re-View field installation crews restored the original frames and then set the sash into their respective frames using new weather stripping. We restored the locks, lifts, and pulleys and balanced the operable sash using new ropes attached to the existing weights.

In an effort to augment the energy performance of the window system, Re-View manufactured custom wood storm windows attached to the exterior. The storm windows also match the original architectural detail of the building when it was first constructed.

Should my building’s windows be replaced or restored?

If your building’s historic windows are in need of an update, Re-View can help. We will assess your specific location, develop a plan to replace or restore your windows, and carry out all manufacturing or refurbishment including installation. We can guide the entire process from contact to completion!

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