Historic Cooke County Courthouse

Historic Cooke County Courthouse construction team hired Re-View to manufacture window replicas made of the original wood windows. They found a single window sash in the basement that served as the basis of design for Re-View to fabricate 493 replicated wood window sash. Re-View engineers copied all of the dimensions and profiles to make a precise facsimile.

Since the original wood windows and associated trim were constructed of long leaf yellow pine, Re-View used reclaimed material to achieve an exact match. Our replica sash matched all elements of the originals except for the inclusion of energy efficient glazing. The entire first floor included arched window sash and the new sash for the upper floors are true divided lite with insulated glass to improve the energy efficiency of the building. Many of the arched windows were over five feet wide, which required Re-View to construct steel reinforcement on the lower rails to ensure long-term structural integrity. Re-View applied a Hunter Green factory finish on the exterior and a dark stain on the interior to match the trim on the frames.

Each window sash was made to order to match the width and height of the opening within 1/16” of an inch. By constructing the windows to such low tolerances, we are able to achieve a weather tight fit.

History of Cooke County Courthouse

The Cooke County Courthouse in Gainesville, Texas is a Beaux Arts style landmark constructed in 1911. It is the fourth courthouse built on this site because previous buildings succumbed to fires and a steer trying to avoid flies. In 1974, the original window frames were left in place, but the wood sash were replaced with aluminum replacement windows that totally changed the look of the building. The County wanted to bring the building back to its original state and hired Re-View to accomplish this.

Should my building’s windows be replaced or restored?

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