Idaho State Capitol

Re-View was selected to restore the wood double hung windows in the Idaho State Capitol in Boise, Idaho. One of the priorities for the windows was to improve the energy efficiency of the system. Re-View provided a solution that included the restoration of the original wood frames and the insertion of replicated window sash with insulated glazing.

Our field carpenters worked onsite to restore the existing wood window frames. We used a combination of restoration epoxies and wood dutchmen. We also had to replace sills and brickmould with replicated parts to match the existing. The frames received custom paint finishes in a color determined by the design team.

While the frames were being restored in the field, craftsmen at the Re-View window replication plant worked on fabricating replica wood window sash. The sash were designed to match the originals in every aspect except for the inclusion of insulated glazing. We have a design that glazes the insulated glass with a removable interior stop for simple access to repair. The sash were made of mahogany because of its superior durability. The mahogany is also an outstanding wood to stain for a luxurious interior finish.

The Re-View field carpenters installed our replicated window sash with the upper set as fixed and the lower attached to weights and pulleys. We supplied and installed new brass chains, locks, and lifts. We also installed new weather stripping to seal the window up tightly. Re-View has a weather strip design for large double hung windows that virtually eliminates all air infiltration and can pass the most stringent pressurized water tests.

This project serves as an excellent example of how Re-View can combine its skills in field restoration, sash replication, and custom finishing for large landmark buildings.

History of the Idaho State Capitol

The Idaho State Capitol in Boise, Idaho was constructed in 1905. There are 219 columns in the building made of a combination of marble, granite, and plaster dust. They are painted to look like marble. In 2008 the building underwent a complete restoration.

Should my building’s windows be replaced or restored?

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