Kansas Statehouse

Re-View was selected to restore the historic windows on this project for a multi-phased effort that lasted 13 years. The original wood double hung windows had been replaced many years ago with a steel window. The replacement involved shortening the height of the original window. Re-View was to restore the window frame to its original height and provide wood sash replicas throughout the building.

Our field carpenters had a challenging job in reconstructing the window frames. After removing the steel window replacement, they used jamb, sill, and brickmould parts to convert the frame back. When they were done, the magnificence of the windows returned to this building.

The Re-View manufacturing plant fabricated replica wood window sash to go into the restored and enlarged frame openings. We used mahogany wood given its durability and Low E glass to provide an upgrade in energy efficiency. A custom factory finish was applied to the exterior and we formulated a custom stain to match the interior woodworking for the interior surfaces.

Our carpenters installed the sash connecting many of them to new pulleys, weights, and chains for operability. We also installed new weather stripping to provide a tight seal.

In addition to working on the wood windows, Re-View fabricated a steel window to look like a wood double hung for high security areas. The steel was required to achieve desired security ratings. These windows had ballistic glazing installed. On the interior, we laminated mahogany wood to the steel so the windows would have the same historic appearance as all others. We had an independent testing agency test the ballistic integrity of this custom design prior to fabrication.

Another complicated challenge on this project was the installation of the dome windows. The dome on the Kansas Statehouse is taller than the United State Capitol, so it was desired to have an aluminum window with water management weeps incorporated in the design to handle the loads at this height. The Re-View carpenters installed the dome windows as one of our last duties onsite.

This project serves as a great example of the many hats Re-View can wear on a complicated historic window project. Whether it is manufacturing replicas, restoring existing elements, or installing ballistic-rated windows, Re-View is up to the challenge.

History of the Kansas Statehouse

The Kansas Statehouse in Topeka, Kansas was completed in 1903 after 37 years of construction. There is a 22 foot tall sculpture of a Native American Indian on the top of the dome called Ad Astra, which is short for “To the stars through difficulty”.

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