King Edward Hotel

Re-View, a window replication company, was called on in 2009 to fabricate replica windows for the King Edward Hotel. This hotel had grand monumental wood storefront on the main level with arched windows and arches over the doors. Since the hotel had been closed in 1967 and there had been many decades of vacancy, these windows had succumbed to decay and vandalism to the point where little of the existing window remained. Re-View retrieved parts and pieces from the project site to replicate the originals. Our engineers dissected the frames, trim, and sash so the windows we fabricated would match the originals in every detail.

Given the high humidity in Jackson and the propensity for termites, Re-View selected Accoya as the wood for the replicas. Accoya is acetylated wood that maintains a constant moisture content and resists decay and appeal to wood boring insects. It is an ideal material for manufacturing replica wood windows that are expected to last for centuries. The Re-View team took exact measurements of each opening and manufactured the replica windows to fit. Our field carpenters installed the wood frames in each opening. Given the monumental size of many of the openings, the units had to be glazed onsite.

When Re-View completed its work, the King Edward regained its appeal as a destination hotel in the heart of the south.

History of The King Edward Hotel

The King Edward Hotel in Jackson, Mississippi was originally constructed in 1923 and became a focal point for Jackson social life back in the day. This neo-classical revival building had a magnificent lobby with grand marble staircase. During a 1954 remodeling, much of the original architectural elements were hidden in an effort to modernize the hotel. As the vibrancy of downtown Jackson began to wane in the latter part of the sixties, the hotel closed in 1967 and remained vacant 2009.

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