Knox County Courthouse

Re-View, a window restoration and window replication company, was called on to restore the existing 275 wood window units and to upgrade the energy performance of the system. The wood windows on this building were in various stages of decay because of many years of neglect. Since this was an occupied courthouse, it was important to work directly with the occupants to conveniently schedule the work around their business at the courthouse.

Re-View window restoration craftsmen removed the window sash and they were transported back to our North Kansas City window restoration plant. There were 129 windows with beautiful arch tops that had small stained glass lites. Re-View removed all existing finishes from the sash to enable a complete restoration of the wood elements. We used restoration epoxies to fill cracks, holes and voids in the window parts. We also had to utilize wood dutchmen to replace deteriorated sections. Some of the sash had to be completely replicated because they were beyond repair. Our engineers sourced matching stained glass to replace broken or missing lites. All sash were glazed with the original glass using glazing putty just like the originals. Re-View applied a custom color factory finish to the exterior and matched the interior stain.

Our field carpenters restored the wood window frames in the field using restoration epoxies and replacement replica parts. The frames were finished to match the sash. We then installed the sash by reconnecting them to the existing weights and pulleys with new ropes. New weather stripping was applied to the sash and the jambs to create an air-tight seal. Finally, we provided and installed an aluminum storm window to the exterior. This storm window has a very narrow frame and matched the exterior colors so it blends well with the architecture. It also provides a thermal break that is as energy efficient as a modern replacement window.

History of the Knox County Courthouse

The Knox County Courthouse is a historic building. Built in 1885, it served as Knox County’s courthouse until the completion of the City-County Building in 1979, and continues today to house offices for several county departments. The courthouse is a 2.5-story brick structure with an imposing clock tower. It contains a mixture of architectural styles, including Colonial elements in the clock tower and Gothic elements in the balcony and porch.

Should my building’s windows be replaced or restored?

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