Lippitt Hall

In 2008, Re-View was called upon to manufacture historically accurate window components for the window restoration of Lippitt Hall, located on the campus of the University of Rhode Island in Kingston, Rhode Island. We teamed up with a local general contractor to perform the work. The local contractor managed all of the onsite restoration, finishing, and installation and Re-View served as the custom manufacture of replica wood window sash.

Re-View engineers spent several days onsite gathering information on the existing window system. We collected parts from the existing windows to serve as the basis of design for our replica sash. Extensive field measurement of each window opening was essential to insure a tight fit on every window. As a result of this field survey, Re-View produced extensive shop drawings that detailed every dimension and all of the materials used in the fabrication.

The replica sash were made from mahogany given its superior durability. The mahogany also was a good wood to stain to match the interior woodwork. We included Low E insulated glass and glazed the sash as true divided lite so each glass pane could be replaced individually if required. Re-View also applied a factory finish to the interior and exterior of each sash so the installer only had to set the sash into the restored window frames.

Re-View fabricated 409 replicated sash for this project, saving a beautiful landmark for the next century.

History of Lippitt Hall

Lippitt Hall, located on the campus of the University of Rhode Island in Kingston, Rhode Island was constructed in 1897. It was originally a drill hall and gymnasium facility as well as the library for the school. Over the years, the building was neglected and in 2008 it was in dire need of restoration.

Should my building’s windows be replaced or restored?

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