Meridian City Hall

Re-View was selected to fabricate historically accurate wood window and door replicas for the Meridian City Hall in Meridian, Mississippi. The original wood windows had been replaced in the 1950’s with a cheap aluminum system that changed the architectural look completely. The doors had been replaced with aluminum storefront. Re-View was challenged to fabricate replicas based upon the original construction drawings.

We used mahogany wood as the basis of the window frames and sash since mahogany is a very durable species. Our crews surveyed the site to determine the construction of the existing wall and the dimensions of every masonry opening. Our engineers spent a great deal of time detailing the replicas to match. The only difference in the new windows was the inclusion of Low E insulated glass. Re-View uses a Low E coating that has little reflectivity or tinting so it matches the visual light reflectance of single pane glass. We applied a durable factory finish to the exterior in a custom color and stained the interior to match future trim that was to be applied in a subsequent contract.

Re-View was also responsible for replicating the original wood doors. We fabricated 2-1/2” thick door panels with a stave core and thick mahogany veneer. The doors had raised panels and architectural trim.

As a result of Re-View’s work and extensive restoration to the terra cotta on the exterior, the Meridian City Hall now looks like it did when it was first constructed in 1915.

History of The Meridian City Hall

The Meridian City Hall in Meridian, Mississippi was originally constructed in 1915 and underwent several renovations during the 1950’s that diminished the authenticity of the building’s design. In 2008 a major effort was made to restore the building back to its original state.

Should my building’s windows be replaced or restored?

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