Newark City Hall

Re-View was selected to manufacture the replica wood window sash for this project. We worked in concert with a local restoration contractor to supply them with window sash. The building has many distinct window openings that are very large. The predominant style of window is a vertical pivot where the single window sash pivots vertically to provide ventilation. Re-View needed to manufacture precise replicas to match all details including the operation of the sash.

We used mahogany as the primary wood for the sash because of its durability. Since the extensive interior millwork on the building was oak, Re-View laminated quarter-sawn oak to the interior surfaces of the sash. Our laminate was 3/16” thick and the sash had an overall thickness of 2-1/4”. We glazed the sash with a Low E insulated glass to improve the thermal value and solar heat gain of the windows. The glass was set with a removable interior stop to allow for easy re-glazing of the sash. The interior stop had a bullnose architectural shape to match the existing design.

Re-View applied a factory finish to the exterior of the sash with two coats of primer and two coats of finish in a custom color. On the interior surfaces of the sash, we used stain and lacquer to match the interior millwork and trim. Re-View is known for its outstanding quality of finishes that save money compared to field finishing and also save considerable time during the installation process.

Re-View is known for its capability for managing large window restoration projects. The Newark City Hall had over 1,300 custom window sash.

History of the Newark City Hall

The Newark City Hall building in Newark, New Jersey was built in 1902 and has been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1978. This Beaux Arts style building was renovated in 2006.

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