Oregon State Hospital

Given a design that relied upon natural light, the Oregon State Hospital had a large quantity of windows and many different fenestration challenges. The primary windows were wood double hung with single pane glass. One of the goals for the restoration was to significantly reduce the energy costs of the structure. Re-View proposed fabricating replica window sash with insulated glazing to upgrade the window’s performance. We hung the replicated sash into the original frames that were restored by our craftsmen. This provided an authentic look that respected the historic significance of the hospital.

Other window openings had been removed during previous restorations. Since a major objective of the project was to bring the hospital back to its original state, Re-View manufactured replica windows that matched the original design. These arched composite units are a stunning addition to the main entry.

Another unique window condition at the hospital were the monumental steel windows. These units were designed with the asylum in mind and had very small glass lites to prevent patients from hurting themselves or escaping the facility. Some of the single steel windows had 84 lites of glass. These windows were in poor condition and required welding replica components to structurally repair the windows.

When Re-View finished its work, the windows stand out as a significant architectural element that even Nurse Ratched, of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, would appreciate.

History of the Oregon State Hospital

The Oregon State Hospital in Salem, Oregon is best known as the filming location for the movie “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”. Constructed in 1883, the hospital was a Kirkbride hospital design. Thomas Story Kirkbride is known for creating a revolutionary design for insane asylums, as they were called at the time, by incorporating natural light with grand windows and beautiful landscaping

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