Pinal County Courthouse

Re-View, a historic window replication company, was selected to manufacture replica window sash for this Arizona landmark. The existing windows were in very poor condition, but the construction team didn’t want to alter the architecture by installing a modern window. The Re-View engineers conducted an onsite survey of every window, collecting samples of the existing windows to serve as the basis of design for the replicas. We also secured measurements of every opening so the new sash would fit tightly into the existing frames.

Re-View fabricated 122 replica window sash using mahogany as the base wood. The glass was 5/8” insulated Low E glass to improve the energy performance of the window system. We incorporated a true-divided-lite design with a removable interior stop so that glass replacement would be simple to perform in the future. Re-View only uses mortise and tennon construction like the originals so they will last for decades. We applied a custom interior and exterior factory finish to all sash.

The new windows and masonry work performed on the exterior have made this courthouse the pride of Arizona and shows what a committed community can do to save important buildings.

History of the Pinal County Courthouse

The Pinal County Courthouse in Florence, Arizona is a National Register building originally constructed in 1891. Due to lack of funds when the courthouse was built, the clock mechanism was never installed so the clock perpetually reads 11:44. The building had succumbed to lack of attention since it was replaced in 1961 by another building and was eventually closed down in 2005. In 2007, it was designated as one of the most endangered historic buildings in Arizona.

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