Robert S. Vance Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse

Re-View, a window restoration and replication company, was asked to fabricate custom replica windows that included laminated safety glass. The casement window design on this project is quite unique. The sash hinges to the interior with a custom hardware lever that actually lifts the sash so it can clear the threshold. Re-View conducted a complete survey of all window openings to gather details and precise measurements for the design of the replicas.

The replica window sash were made from mahogany for lasting durability. All stiles, rails, profiles, and joinery were matched to the originals. New hardware had to be custom made to replace levers that were broken or missing. A factory finish was applied to the exterior and Re-View matched interior stain and painted finishes to blend with the interior trim.

Re-View was selected to work on this project because of the complexity of the custom design and the large number of windows requiring replication over a short construction schedule.

History of the Robert S. Vance Federal Building

The Robert S. Vance Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse in Birmingham, Alabama was constructed in 1921. The building was named after a U.S. Court of Appeals judge who was assassinated by a mail bomb in 1990. Originally the building was constructed with only two levels and a two-story addition was added in the late 1920’s. This Classic Revival structure was placed on the National Register in 1976 and is in the heart of Birmingham.

Should my building’s windows be replaced or restored?

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