Santa Fe Depot

Re-View was called upon to manufacture historically accurate wood window replicas of the Santa Fe Depot located in Fresno, California. Since this is such a charming landmark, the design team didn’t want to use a standard wood window. They needed for Re-View to create an exact replica.

Since the original windows had been completely removed from the openings and replaced with a cheap aluminum unit, Re-View had to reference the original architectural drawings to capture the details of the windows. The historic drawings were very detailed and featured all dimensions and sticking of each component.

Re-View fabricated the replicas copying everything including the weight balance system for the sash. The windows were made from Douglas Fir and had single pane glass putty glazed with true divided lites. We stained the interior and applied a factory finish to the exterior. Our engineers measured every masonry opening onsite to make certain each unit would fit the opening properly.

When Re-View was completed, the depot regained its architectural charm and was ready for another 100 years of prominence.

History of the Santa Fe Depot

The Santa Fe Depot located in Fresno, California was built in 1899. Over the many decades, the depot had gone through many careless renovations and it was in complete disrepair in 2000. In 2004, the Fresno Station underwent a complete renovation to bring it back to the condition of its glory days.

Should my building’s windows be replaced or restored?

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