St. Edwards University Main Building and Holy Cross Hall

Re-View teamed up with a local preservation construction company to restore the windows at the St. Edwards University Main Building and Holy Cross Hall in Austin, Texas. The local contractor performed all frame restoration, onsite finishing, and installation. Re-View was responsible for manufacturing historic replica sash.

As is the case with all of Re-View’s work, the sash were custom designed to match the original components in all respects. We matched the stile, rail, and muntin dimensions and all associated profiles.

The sash were made of Accoya wood since exceptional durability was paramount on such a landmark building. It is a shame to see owners select a cheap wood replacement window that has a lifespan of only 10 years when replacing a 100+ window system. Re-View is dedicated to replicating window parts in only the best materials so our work will last like the units being replaced. Accoya is more durable than teak and has a 50-year warranty against wood rot in an unfinished state.

We included Low E insulated glazing in the sash to improve the energy efficiency of the structure. The coatings on the glass are specially formulated to eliminate the tint associated with high performance glazing. The Low E coatings used by Re-View match the reflectivity of the original single pane so they are historically sympathetic.

One feature about this project that was unique was the preponderance of curves on the window heads. There was a broad selection of round-tops, gothic shapes, and smooth arches on the many different window types. Re-View has the engineering and automated equipment to efficiently manage custom radius fabrication on a large scale.

This project serves as a good example of how Re-View can effectively function as a custom manufacturer on a large scale. When all was said and done, the University had 966 new window sash that will take them into the next century.

History of the St. Edwards University Main Building and Holy Cross Hall

The St. Edwards University Main Building and Holy Cross Hall in Austin, Texas were originally constructed for the St. Edwards High School in 1888. These magnificent Gothic Revival structures have been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1973.

Should my building’s windows be replaced or restored?

If your building’s historic windows are in need of an update, Re-View can help. We will assess your specific location, develop a plan to replace or restore your windows, and carry out all manufacturing or refurbishment including installation. We can guide the entire process from contact to completion!

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