The Grand Hotel

Re-View was called upon to undertake window restoration in the historically significant areas of the The Grand Hotel located in St. Louis, Missouri. The beautiful arched windows on the lobby level were removed by our carpenters and sent back to our North Kansas City restoration plant. At our plant, we removed all existing glazing and finishes to restore every element of the sash. We used a combination of restoration epoxies, wood dutchmen, and replica parts to bring the sash back to their original state. The original glass was cleaned and re-glazed using glazing putty. After a factory finish was applied at the Re-View plant, we shipped the units back to be installed by our field carpenters.

The ballroom on the top level featured some of the most incredible windows we have ever seen. They were triple hung windows, which are three sash that vertically operate in the same frame. Each sash was 8 feet wide by 8 feet tall, making the entire window opening 8 feet wide by 24 feet tall. The counter weights for such a large sash were five feet tall and weighed almost 100 pounds each. Re-View restored each of the wood windows so they will last another 100 years.

While the sash were being restored in the Re-View plant, our field craftsmen restored the window frames. Many of the frames were severely deteriorated and required replicated replacement parts. Others were restored using liquid epoxy and epoxy fillers to bring the wood back to its original state.

When Re-View completed its work, the lobby and ballroom areas were once again some of the most luxurious spaces in St. Louis.

History of The Grand Hotel

The Grand Hotel in St. Louis, Missouri was originally called the Statler Hotel when it was built in 1917. It was the first hotel in the United States that was air conditioned. It was a magnificent hotel featuring a stunning ballroom on the top level and a lobby with beautiful custom woodwork. In 1986, the hotel closed for a renovation and in 1987 it suffered a fire that resulted in the hotel remaining vacant for 20 years.

Should my building’s windows be replaced or restored?

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