Thomas Hunter Hall

The Thomas Hunter Hall exterior of this Gothic style building had been neglected for many decades to the point where air and water leaked through the huge arched windows. There are still online comments about how unbearable the classroom conditions were prior to a 2010 restoration.

Re-View was called upon to fabricate replica wood window sash. We teamed up with a local general contractor who managed all field restoration of window frames and installation of the replica sash. Re-View had engineers onsite for a week to gather detailed information about the existing window sash such as collecting parts and field dimensions.

Most of the window sash had a gothic arched top and an interior decorative panel. Re-View’s automated woodworking equipment made it possible to manufacture 646 sash with this kind of detailing. We used Honduras mahogany as the wood, given its superior durability. The glass was Low E insulated because of the need for improved energy efficiency.

Re-View applied a factory finish to the exterior in a custom color. We matched several different finishes on the interior since there was such a variety from one classroom to another. Re-View’s capability to economically finish large quantities of sash in custom colors is a real advantage and saves a lot of time for the installation crew.

This project serves as a good example of how Re-View can match very complicated window designs on a large scale to produce replica window sash for a National landmark.

History of Thomas Hunter Hall

The Thomas Hunter Hall located in New York City building was originally constructed in 1873 named after the founder of the Normal College. This college was established to provide women with the norms of the teaching profession.

Should my building’s windows be replaced or restored?

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