Union Pacific Depot

Re-View was selected to restore the historic wood windows on the classic Union Pacific Depot in Manhattan, Kansas. Our field carpenters removed the sash and shipped them back to the Re-View window restoration plant. They restored the frames onsite by using a combination of restoration epoxies and replica parts. The frames were then finished in a custom color.

In the plant, the glass was removed and cleaned to be reinstalled. All of the finishes were removed to make repairs to the wood. All joinery, stiles, rails and muntins were repaired or replaced with replica sections. The sash were then glued and secured with stainless steel fasteners. We set the glass in glazing putty like the originals and applied a custom color factory finish to the interior and exterior surfaces.

All of the locks and lifts were restored as well. The hardware was blasted with a mild media to remove finishes and corrosion. It is amazing how profound an impact hardware restoration can have on a project.

Our carpenters installed the sash into their respective openings with new ropes and weather stripping. When Re-View was done, the depot was ready to become a featured event space for the city of Manhattan.

History of the Union Pacific Depot

The Union Pacific Depot in Manhattan, Kansas was constructed in 1901 and thrived as a train station until 1993, when it closed. A highlight of its storied past included a visit by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1903. In 2005, the city of Manhattan dedicated funds to completely restore the facility.

Should my building’s windows be replaced or restored?

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