Utah State Capitol

Re-View was selected to manufacture historic wood window replicas for this project. The original wood double hung windows had been replaced thirty years prior with an aluminum replacement window that completely changed the look of the building. Re-View referenced old pictures and documents to determine the custom design of the replica windows.

One interesting design element of these windows was the balance system. Typically, historic windows have weights on the left and right jambs that counterbalance the sash. Most of the windows at Utah were double units with a narrow center mullion that didn’t have room for counterbalance weights. Re-View had a custom cast pulley made to balance the sash by only using the outer jamb.

We used mahogany as the wood, given its superior durability. The glass was Low E insulated to handle the wide variation of temperatures experienced in Salt Lake City. In select areas where high security was desired, we installed ballistic glazing into the sash. These wood window replicas went through extensive testing both in our window replication plant and in the field to ensure that our custom design would meet required air and water infiltration ratings.

In the dome, we designed large operable casement-style windows that are designed to open for cleaning. The operable sash on these units were huge, measuring 7 feet wide by 12 feet tall. There are few companies that can design such a large hinging window unit that can pass an independent air and water test.

Our field carpenters performed all of the demolition of existing aluminum replacement windows and the installation of the new wood window replicas. The double-unit openings were extremely large and required special equipment onsite to mobilize. The dome windows were installed by lifting the units in place with a crane.

This project serves as an excellent example of how Re-View can manufacture a completely custom historic window that meets current standards for air, water, and thermal testing protocol. It displays Re-View’s talent to manage design, manufacture, and install window replicas for a single source solution.

History of The Utah State Capitol

The Utah State Capitol located in Salt Lake City, Utah was built in 1912. This Neoclassical Revival Corinthian style building underwent a major restoration in 2006 that included redesigning the foundation to withstand a 7.3 magnitude earthquake.

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