Virginia State Capitol

Re-View was selected to restore the historic wood windows on the Virginia State Capitol located in Richmond, Virginia. Given the historic significance of the structure the scope of work dictated that every effort be made to retain the original fabric of the windows.

Re-View field carpenters removed the window sash and shipped them back to our window restoration plant. Temporary enclosures were installed to keep the elements out. We removed all finishes from the frames and trim to determine areas of required repair. Every window frame was tested after stripping for PH levels to make certain all stripper was neutralized. We also tested the frames for moisture content prior to applying restoration epoxies and finishes. The finest finish available will fail if these steps are not taken.

At the Re-View plant, all glass and finishes were removed from the existing window units. Our craftsmen worked on every part to restore wood rot and bring back the original profiles of the parts. Some parts had to be replaced with replicas made of the same wood species. Others could be restored using restoration epoxies.

The design team decided to replace the glass with a Low E laminated glazing. The inclusion of Low E laminated glass accomplishes three things. First, the Low E coatings improve the thermal performance during winter and the solar control in the summer. Second, laminated glazing provides another level of security because of the PVB interlayer. And finally, the lamination improves the sound transmission characteristics of the glass, improving the window’s ability to minimize outside noise.

Re-View applied a factory finish to the sash and shipped them back to the site to be installed by our field carpenters. The sash were installed by connecting to the original weights via the pulleys that were restored in our plant. We installed new metal weather stripping to seal the window.

This project serves as an excellent example of Re-View’s ability to perform a museum-quality window restoration on a large scale.

History of the Virginia State Capitol

The Virginia State Capitol located in Richmond, Virginia was conceived by Thomas Jefferson and was completed in 1788. During the civil war the building served as the Capitol of the Confederacy. The building has been a National Historic Landmark since 1960.

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