Washington DC Court of Appeals

The Washington DC Court of Appeals building is one of the most historically significant landmarks in the area. This made it critically important for the city to select a window manufacturer who has the ability to precisely match existing details through its replication process. That is why the construction team turned to Re-View.

Re-View conducted a detailed on-site survey of each window opening to establish dimension and window details prior to it fabricating 563 replicated wood window sash for the fourth oldest structure located on Judiciary Square. The frames and sash are made of Honduras mahogany and are exact replicas of the originals except for the inclusion of high performance insulated glass that was incorporated to improve the thermal performance. Re-View is often asked to modernize the performance of historic window systems. We have developed ways to add high-performance glazing and weather strip without changing the look of the window. Re-View applied a two-color factory finish on the interior and exterior. The three arched transom windows in the photo are 16-lite true divided lite window sash with insulated glass. A unique window pictured here is the three-section arched window – it has two pivoting sash in the center window unit. After the Re-View window restoration was completed, the Court of Appeals building received numerous awards including the 2009 District of Columbia Award for Excellence in Historic Preservation.

History of the Washington DC Court of Appeals Building

The Washington DC Court of Appeals building was erected in 1820 and originally served as the City Hall. Although the building was in poor condition in the 1990’s, its rich history and unique design inspired the city to invest in its restoration. In addition to serving as the office for Frederick Douglas and Theodore Roosevelt, it also was the location where Abraham Lincoln signed the D.C. Compensated Emancipation Act, which granted freedom to slaves in the District in 1862.

Should my building’s windows be replaced or restored?

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